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We got Robin from friend of a friend when she was 10 weeks old.   She was from a litter of nine.   She was one of the last two puppies that were left, apparently someone had save the best for last.   She is a Lab & German Shepherd mix, although I was told that both the mom and dad are Labs.   What appealed me to Robin was that she looks exactly like the dog I used to have.

She is a great dog, one of the best dog anyone could ask for.   Great temperament and best guard dog.   She loves to learn new commands.   Her nickname is "Baby" as she'll always be our little baby.

Playing.jpgRobin & Sherman

Robin paid a surprise visit to her brother, Sherman.   Photos taken by Sherman's parents.


We adopted Argus from the Humane Society Silicon Valley, in search of a companion/playmate for Robin.   Argus is an Australian Cattle Dog & Rottweiler mix.   He was a stray dog found in San Jose neighborhood.

He's a great and funny dog.   He's always really happy and very alert.   His nickname is "Dope".   He tiles his head everytime you talk to him.

Torrie (2001 - November 14, 2011)

One weekend in February 2003, it was supposed to be another shopping weekend for the pets, but we end up adopting another dog.   How could you walk away from such a special creature?!?!!!   She's a pure breed white boxer, named Torrie, 2 year old.   Nor Cal Boxer Rescue rescued her.   She was found really filthy and malnourished.   That poor guy had been abused and neglected.   Whoever had her, had tight out outside with a chain around her neck since she's a puppy.   As she growth, the chain had embedded in her neck.   When she finally broke loose.   Nor Cal Boxer Rescue rescued her and had to surgically remove the chain.   She is left with deep scars around her neck.

What's amazing about Torrie is that she loves human, even after all that she had gone through.   Everytime we take her to the Puppy Play Time place, she would walk up to everyone to collect her pets, huges and kisses.

She's a great dog, really sweet and really funny, she makes us laugh all the time.   Her nickname is "Wiggle Butt".   She gets along great with our other two dogs and plays with them; she had a really funny way of playing, rolling all over the floor and tries to grab their legs as they come close.

What do Torrie and Argus has a common? They both have a right blue eye.

Torrie & the Tiger Brothers (Kittens)

Torrie has always been a great mother to the kittens; she grooms them and is very gentle with them.

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